Ten Diptychs

Kate Joyce’s images from the “Ten-Diptychs” series were inspired by the failing of her hard drive which contained thousands of her image files. She was able to recover most of her image files, but a handful came back with the data being dramatically scrambled, resulting in the original subjects in the photographs being rendered into a surreal tapestry of digital glitch. There is a sense of patience and acceptance that comes with an artist surrendering to such happenstance. In this case, the artist found the beauty within the glitches and created a successful artistry of accident. By pairing each small image with one of the artist’s own fingerprints, the result is a successful serene landscape of a harmonized balanced diptych.

‘As a child, before becoming a photographer, I aspired to be a detective. The idea of taking and relying on fingerprints fascinated me. The fingerprint is perhaps the quintessential icon of identity. It is a unique mark that humans leave behind. It is a mark whose structure follows the mathematics of the Fibonacci sequence. It can incriminate or validate based on its arches, loops or whorls. It is a mark inextricable from the individual, yet has little to do with their personality or story… After selecting and printing a group of the [ten]most dynamically corrupted files I paired them with a fingerprint from each of my 10 fingers.’ – Kate Joyce

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