home on the range, an exploration of cowboys in the american west, with william albert allard, elsa spear, la huffman, kurt markus, joan myers and manuello paganelli, on view through november 7, 2020


The exhibition features a selection of photographs from Obscura Gallery’s contemporary photographers William Albert Allard and his legendary Vanishing Breed cowboy book; Kurt Markus’s poignant cowboy photographs from his three volumes of cowboy books including the seminal After Barbered Wire; selections from Joan Myers’ recently published Where the Buffalo Roamed – photographs of the ‘new’ West; and Manuello Paganelli’s photographs of African American cowboys in the West. In addition, the exhibition will include photographs by legendary 19th Century ranching photographer Laton Alton (LA) Huffman from Montana, as well as images from one of the first female ranching photographers, Elsa Spear Edwards Byron. In addition, Brant Mackley Gallery will be exhibiting a selection of Navajo saddle blankets and Northern Plains Indian beadwork from the late 19th through early 20th Century as well as other related material.

View the exhibition in its entirety on our Artsy page by clicking here.



Douglas Miles and LivÁndrea Knoki, La Vie En Res, 2020, 13 x 19”, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.

An online exhibition of photography-based media by Douglas Miles, whose work is rooted in Apache history and deeply engaged with the world of contemporary pop culture.

August 13 – September 7, 2020

We are thrilled to present an online exhibition with the photographic work of San Carlos Apache-Akimel O’odham artist Douglas Miles whose artistic work is rooted in Apache history and deeply engaged with the world of contemporary pop culture. Douglas Miles (b. 1963) is a multi-faceted artist working as a designer, filmmaker, muralist and photographer who blends Native history with political resistance. His work encourages reflection on how art can foster community-building and promote pride and well-being, especially among young Native people. The photographs in this online exhibition include portraits of Miles’ community of family and friends taken in San Carlos, Arizona, as well as the places Miles has traveled with his Apache Skateboards team in Utah, Navajo Nation, Los Angeles, Phoenix, AZ and other locations. The exhibition also includes images from the The Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Phoenix, Arizona in June and July of 2020.

Douglas Miles, Bonnie Skates, 2020, 13 x 19", archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.
DOUGLAS MILES, Bonnie Skates, 2020, 13 x 19″, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.

In coordination with what would have been the busiest month in Santa Fe known worldwide for the celebration of Native American art markets all throughout our city, we had been planning an exhibition of the exciting work of Miles for nearly a year. We had to change our exhibition plan and schedule several times to accommodate the sporadic nature of the Covid pandemic. We hope you will enjoy Douglas’ online exhibition, and when the time is right again, we will be honored to have Miles’ work grace the walls of our gallery.

DOUGLAS MILES, Bex Paints in the Night, 2019-2020, 13 x 19
DOUGLAS MILES, Bex Paints in the Night, 2019-2020, 13 x 19″, edition of 15.

With themes that cover tradition as well as modernity, a major focus in Douglas Miles’ artistic work is on Apache warriors, dancers and musicians. Through these images, he hopes to instill a sense of pride and empowerment in his subjects. Miles sometimes adds the names of important chiefs and warriors to his work in the style of street art, be it hand-cut stencils, murals or graffiti.

DOUGLAS MILES, Faceless Kimono 2019-2020, 13 x 19”, archival pigment ink print
DOUGLAS MILES, Faceless Kimono 2019-2020, 13 x 19”, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15

The warrior is an important image in Apache history and their greatness is at times forgotten, even amongst the Apache. I hope to reignite the strength, endurance, leadership and tenacity of the warriors of the past thru art, education and political awareness in all communities. – Douglas Miles

DOUGLAS MILES, Breeze Graffiti, 2019-2020, 13 x 19”, archival pigment ink print
DOUGLAS MILES, Breeze Graffiti, 2019-2020, 13 x 19”, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15

Miles developed and founded Apache Skateboards in 2002, a program designed to support the athleticism of skateboarding that emulates the strength, endurance and tenacity of warriors. Since its original inception, the program has expanded to include the arts, education, political awareness and empowerment by connecting mainstream skateboard culture with contemporary Native life. Many of the skateboard designs depict Apache warriors and the youth of the San Carlos Apache reservation on skateboard decks.

The skate team is comprised of women and men so you’ll see them [in the photos] as well.. I’m not an action sports photographer, mainly portraits. My skate team is probably the most innovative group I’ve ever worked with. They’ve used skateboarding as a way to build community and created excitement in Native Youth across Indian Country. – Douglas Miles

DOUGLAS MILES, Off the Reservation 2019-2020, 13 x 19”, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.
DOUGLAS MILES, Off the Reservation 2019-2020, 13 x 19”, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.

Of his photography he says, I’m in love with the people , the faces, the times and the spirit they convey in each face.… I marry social media platforms and graphics with my photos and other borrowed imagery adding and layering the meanings and messages I want. To use social media the way it’s intended you have to see the world around you as a quick communication platform . Maybe I reclaimed some space but really just not sure if that’s what I’m really doing. I don’t feel I’m reclaiming anything at times . I’m really making my own space in my own image in my own time for my own people. It’s needed. Lack or representation plagues Native people. These photos punch up into those systemic barriers that keep us out of a larger cultural conversation. It’s about time.

Miles enjoys collaboration with other artists in almost all forms of his work and has worked with such artists as actor and author Ethan Hawke and artist Greg Ruth on a New York Times bestseller graphic novel, Indeh: A Story of the Apache Wars. He’s also collaborated with actress and artist LivÁndrea Knoki on a selection of pieces with text and image in this exhibition including the Yves Saint Le Res and the Your Song pieces.



Photo l.a. Virtual Collect + Connect 2020

link to photo la fair

Join us online June 27– 28 for photo l.a.’s first-ever virtual photo fair, Virtual Collect + Connect. Obscura Gallery has 32 prints for sale by our artists in our virtual booth, and it should be an exciting weekend of virtual talks and programs.

SUSAN BURNSTINE, Beyond Mt. Lee, 2019, 16 x 16", Hand varnished, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.
SUSAN BURNSTINE, Beyond Mt. Lee, 2019, 16 x 16″, Hand varnished, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.

Photo l.a. has reimagined the traditional fair space to digitally present over 70 exhibitors via interactive, 3D booths accessed via the Whova app and housed on the photo l.a. website. We are thrilled to be a part of this virtual edition!

You can now visit our booth here.

stay at home onine photography auction

image by Robert Stivers

Join us for our first Obscura Gallery online auction! #StayAtHome is inspired by our current worldwide mandate and is raising money to help our artists and surrounding community in this challenging time.

The #StayAtHome auction began Wednesday, April 22, 2020 and continues weekly through June 1, 2020. We will add a new round of available work each week including vintage and contemporary work.

More than half of the proceeds from each contemporary sale go directly to the artist. In addition, Obscura Gallery will donate a portion of our proceeds from each auction round to benefit a chosen organization that is helping the relief efforts for Covid-19, so far having donated to The Pueblo Relief Fund and Native American Relief Fund.

Please see detailed bidding instructions here.

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caitlyn soldan's desertscapes, altered views of new mexico

Desertscapes : Altered Views of New Mexico is a solo exhibition with Santa Fe photo-based artist Caitlyn Soldan which explores various approaches to iconic views in New Mexico landscapes. Included in the exhibit are variations of Pedernal Mesa, Shiprock, and the Taos Gorge. Just as Pedernal Mesa was a great inspiration to Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings and served as a major muse for her at Ghost Ranch where she had her studio, Caitlyn too is moved by the unique New Mexico desert land. Soldan creates landscape studies in various photographic processes that yield unique one-of-a-kind prints which each represent the different emotional qualities in nature. By virtue of repetition with the subject matter, the artist seeks to honor the subject which inspires and motivates her.

This exhibition has been extended through the end of June 2020

CAITLYN SOLDAN. Cerro Pedernal Study 19, 2020, mordancage, 16 x 20", unique
CAITLYN SOLDAN, Cerro Pedernal #19, 2019, 16×20″, mordancage, unique.

installation image of Caitlyn Soldan's desertscapes exhibition
CAITLYN SOLDAN, Rio Grande Gorge Study #6, 2019, 8×10″, mordancage, unique.



Book Presentation by Photographer, Author, and Activist Michael Berman

Sunday February 23rd, 3pm

The Lannan Foundation
Lannan Meeting House
313 Read St, Santa Fe, NM

cover of Michael Berman's new book, Perdido, sierra san luis

Obscura Gallery photographer, author, and activist Michael Berman will speak about his recently released book Perdido, published by the Museum of New Mexico Press. Michael will be joined by co-thinker, rancher, and environmentalist Valer Clark.

MICHAEL BERMAN, Perdido, Cross, 2015, two sizes available

Michael Berman’s new book, Perdido: Sierra San Luis, is a journey in photographs and stories about a complicated landscape on both sides of the Mexico-U.S. border, where the natural world has been compromised and where survival depends on a complexity of relationships. The event takes place at The Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe, address above. If you are interested in viewing prints from this book, please stop by Obscura Gallery to view Michael’s portfolio.

MICHAEL BERMAN, Perdido, dripping water, 2015, three sizes available


Image of postcard for exhibition

Obscura Gallery is honored to present, Paul Caponigro: Sixty Years, a solo retrospective exhibition of landscapes and still lifes by one of the world’s most significant master photographers still working today. The nearly 50 black and white images in the exhibition include work from as early as 1958 and encompasses his extensive career photographing in the Southwest, California, and New England, as well as Ireland and England. Working directly with the artist himself to curate the exhibition, the show includes an incredible selection of Paul’s most iconic images as well as images that have rarely before been exhibited. We invite you to join us in welcoming Paul back to Santa Fe for the opening!

image of paul caponigro's galaxy apple new york city 1964 PAUL CAPONIGRO, Galaxy Apple, New York City, 1964, 7.25 x 8.5″, gelatin silver print

paul caponigro's image of an apple, winthrop, massachessettes. PAUL CAPONIGRO, Apple, Winthrop, MA, 1964, 6.75 x 8.5″

image of paul caponigro's Fungus, Ipswich, MA PAUL CAPONIGRO, Fungus, Ipswich, MA, 1960, 13.25 x 10.5″, gelatin silver print.

image of cloud and mountains, Paul Caponigro, San Sebastian, New Mexico
PAUL CAPONIGRO, Cloud, San Sebastian, Santa Fe, NM, 1980, 13.5 x 10.5″, gelatin silver print.






Image of list of artists for one of a kind show.
Public Opening Reception: Friday, November 22, 2019, 5-7pm

Exhibition is on view through January 4, 2020

Obscura Gallery presents our highly anticipated Holiday Season exhibition, One-of-a-Kind, a group show of photo-based artworks found exclusively at our gallery. The exhibition consists of 30 artists from the U.S., France, Cuba and Israel including those represented with Obscura as well as guest artists who were invited to participate. The concept for this exhibition is nearly two years in the making – each artist was asked to create a unique photo-based artwork, or create a new print edition, of which either would be on exhibition and exclusively available only at Obscura Gallery. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting exhibition and find something you love for yourself or your loved ones this Holiday season, knowing it will be a unique piece only found at Obscura Gallery!

Download the Full Press Release Here

installation image of One of a kind exhibition

installation image of One of a kind exhibition

show card for danny lyon's exhibition and on view through November 9, 2019

This Fall Obscura Gallery presents an exciting exhibition of the newly published limited edition portfolio by one of the most influential documentary photographers of his generation: Danny Lyon: Thirty Photographs (1962-1980). This collection features many of the New Mexico photographer Danny Lyon’s most iconic images. The portfolio, published in 2019 and limited to an edition of 10, was compiled by Terry Etherton of Etherton Gallery in Tucson, Arizona, spotlighting his 40-year association with Lyon. Obscura Gallery’s show is one of the first exhibitions to partner with Etherton Gallery for this newly compiled portfolio, offering for sale the full portfolio as well as individual modern prints. The reception takes place on Friday, October 4, 2019 from 5-7pm at Obscura Gallery.

All images copyright Danny Lyon / Magnum Photos, courtesy of Etherton Gallery.

Download the full Press Release here.

installation image of danny lyon's exhibition at Obscura

Martha Strawn & Lucy Lippard book signing November 8, 2019

Flight of Spirit: The Photographs of Anne Noggle
Edited and introduced by Martha A. Strawn

Foreword by Lucy R. Lippard
Published by: Museum of New Mexico Press

Book Launch and Signing: November, 8 at 5:00pm at Obscura Gallery
Free and open to the public.

image of the book coer of flight of spirit, the photographs of Anne Noggle

In the history of photography, Anne Noggle (1922–2005) stands alone among the great American photographers for her powerful, wry portraits and self- portraits of aging women and women’s bodies—as Noggle called it, “the saga of fallen flesh.” Suffusing Noggle’s photographs are her profound joie de vivre, humor, and defiant humanism. Noggle’s unique vision shaped the medium in ways that have yet to be adequately acknowledged—this new book seeks to underscore the impact and lasting influence of this unconventional photographer.

portrait of anne noggle

Flight of Spirit: The Photographs of Anne Noggle, published by the Museum of New Mexico Press, features a series of portfolios selected by Martha Strawn, Noggle’s colleague and close friend. The portfolios feature intimate portraits of Noggle’s family and friends, and women who served during World War II, including a series of Soviet Airwomen. The closing portfolio of self-portraits depicts a powerful exploration of self. In addition to the photography, Noggle’s life and contributions are contemplated in an essay by Lili Corbus, foreword by Lucy Lippard, and Noggle’s own poetry.

portrait of anne noggle

Noggle’s first love was not photography, but flying. She had served as a WASP—Women Airforce Service Pilot—during World War II and in the Korean War. Afterward she was a stunt and crop-dusting pilot in Texas. At the age of 38 she enrolled at the University of New Mexico earning a BA in art and art history and an MA in photography in 1970. She later taught art and art history at the university as adjunct professor and curated photography exhibitions. She was the first photography curator at the New Mexico Museum of Art (formerly Museum of Fine Arts) in Santa Fe from 1970–76. Noggle’s photographs are held in numerous public and private collections throughout the world.