BRIGITTE CARNOCHAN. Floating World – A Limited Edition Book


This limited edition art book is composed of 108 pages and 44 color plates documenting Brigitte Carnochan’s series, The Floating World. In the series, the artist created work in response to poems by Japanese women from the 7th through 19th centuries. As the artist explains, for these poets the “world centered on love—longing for love and the beloved, mourning lost love, and pondering its mystery. The beauty of the natural world—its flowers, landscape, the moon, and the changing seasons—serve as the primary metaphor.” Translating the poems into evocative images, Carochan’s work compliments and enhances the written word. The book also includes an 8 x 8 print entitled, Let Us Set to Sea. The print is signed, titled, numbered and dated recto. This limited edition was published in 2013 by Hudson Hills Press in Easthampton, Massachusetts

10 x 11 inches with 44 color plates and one 8 x 8″ signed print.