CY DECOSSE. The Gardens of DeCosse, Limited Edition (Deluxe Edition)


Cy DeCosse. 21st Editions. 2000. Signed Limited Edition Book with Separate Portfolio. Edition 33 of 100. Separate portfolio also features seven loose original hand pulled photogravures signed by Cy Decosse and includes the following: King of the Night, Sunflower, Fritillaria, Cultered Pearl, Flowers & Dill, Water Lily, Tuscan Lemons.


21st Editions Volume IV, entitled The Gardens of DeCosse, focuses exclusively on the beautiful works of Cy DeCosse. His elegant compositions range from the quiet of morning light falling on freshly picked vegetables to  the riotous energy of flowers in full bloom. Literary contributors include fiction writer Scott Ely; former gallery director John Stevenson; poet Susan Ludvigson; musician and scholar Carol Wood; and editor John Wood.