The Fugue State series

The Fugue State: 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about photographic legacies. As an analog photographer, I have watched my practice diminished and altered by the loss of materials and methodologies. At the same time, I observe that my children, while creating thousands of images, will most likely have no tangible imagery to pass down to future generations. Over the years I have collected and created hundred of portraits, some acquired are almost a century old and it’s made me consider the formal portrait in the midst of the shifting sands of photography, the loss of the portrait photographer as a profession, and the loss of photograph as object.

My project, The Fugue State, speaks to loss, to the fading away of specific memories and identity, as the work speaks to an in-between space of the future and the past. It speaks to chemicals and fingerprints and destruction. For this series, I have bleached my negatives, wounding the film stock in various ways and then reinterpreting them in the digital darkroom. I am looking for the beauty of impermanence.

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