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The contemporary artists at Obscura Gallery are each representing photography in a new, unique way, sometimes taking from or adding to many of the photographic progresses that the medium was founded on. Each artist represented at Obscura Gallery, from the 19th-21st century photographers, offer a unique approach to the medium with special attention to the fine print.

Jennifer Schlesinger, Owner and Director of Obscura Gallery, is a Curator, Gallerist, Educator, and Artist. Schlesinger has approached her fine art photography with an interest in how the historical development of photography has influenced the contemporary artistic medium – mostly exploring the 19th century albumen and 20th century gelatin silver printing processes and combining them with contemporary landscape surrealism. Jennifer Schlesinger graduated from the College of Santa Fe in 1998 with a B.A. in Photography and Journalism, with heavy emphasis on the appreciation of the fine print in the photographic medium. She was the Assistant Director of Santa Fe Art Institute from 2003-2005 and was the Director of VERVE Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe from 2005-2017. Schlesinger has taught photography with a focus on albumen printing and black/white fine printing at the College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Art Intersection, and other venues. She has received several honors in recognition of her work including a Golden Light Award in Landscape Photography from the Maine Photographic Workshops and the Center for Contemporary Arts Photography Award in Santa Fe, New Mexico, both in 2005. She has been awarded many distinctive nominations such as the Santa Fe Prize for Photography by the Center and the Eliot Porter Fellowship by the New Mexico Council for Photography.

Obscura Gallery was honored a membership to the Association of International Photography Art Dealers in December 2016.

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Member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers


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