SUSAN BURNSTINE, At the Edge of Darkness. Available in various sizes

The contemporary artists at Obscura Gallery are each representing photography in a new, unique way, sometimes taking from or adding to many of the 19th and 20th century photographic processes that the medium was founded on. Each artist represented at Obscura Gallery offers a hand-crafted, thoughtful approach to their work.

Obscura Gallery proudly represents the following contemporary photographic artists:

William Albert Allard – Charlottesville, Virginia
Michael Berman – Mimbres Valley, NM
Susan Burnstine – Los Angeles, CA
Debbie Fleming Caffery – Lafayette, LA
Brigitte Carnochan – Portola Valley, CA
Cy DeCosse – Minneapolis, MN
Neil Folberg – Jerusalem, Israel
Coco Fronsac – Paris, France
Louviere + Vanessa – New Orleans, LA
Kurt Markus – Santa Fe, NM
Michael Massaia – Oradell, New Jersey
Norman Mauskopf – Santa Fe, NM
Caitlyn Soldan – Santa Fe, NM
Aline Smithson – Los Angeles, CA
Keith Taylor – Minneapolis, MN
Joyce Tenneson – Rockport, ME
Curtis Werhfritz – Toronto, Canada

In addition to the list of represented artists above, Obscura Gallery carries select Gallery inventory by 19th-21st century photographers from around the world who represent the finest contributions to the history of photography. Stay tuned as we frequently update new contemporary and vintage photographs additions to our ‘INVENTORY‘ page of our website.

Obscura Gallery was honored a membership to the Association of International Photography Art Dealers in December 2016.