Platinum Botanicals

This series is a collection of platinum palladium prints of still lifes from the artists Garden. The diptychs and triptychs in this gallery are titled, Leaving My Garden: The Beauty of the Natural World. Ms. Carnochan’s prints are made with one of the oldest photographic mediums, platinum. She selected this element for its extravagantly long tonal range, depth, and permanence. The warm black, grey, and brown tones of the photographs further abstract the image, making it easy to reconfigure the pieces and the whole image. These collected works consists of images of roses, peonies, grasses, dogwoods, poppies, rhododendrons, and irises.

Brigitte’s underlying philosophy for the triptychs and diptychs is based on the observation that in viewing art “People tend to look at photographs too quickly, superficially. They make assumptions of familiarity.” Thus, her goal is to slow the viewer so to appreciate images in more detail, to see the beauty of the natural world. “We see the world in pieces….” and then reconstruct it in our imaginations¬––creating a new reality. On second glance, a photographic image is nuanced differently. “In this series, the spaces between the image sections, like the leading in a stained glass window, become an integral part of the composition.” Her images are constructed so as to invite the viewer to have a second look.

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