The mordançage process starts with a high contrast gelatin silver print. I mix a batch of the formula using glacial acetic acid, copper chloride, hydrogen peroxide and water. It is important to wear protective gear and work in a well ventilated space, as these chemicals are very dangerous.

I first put a well washed print into the mordançage solution, this bleaches the print. The print goes through another wash, and is then redeveloped, washed again and put back into the mordancage solution.

This is when the transformation really begins. The dark areas of the print will begin to lift up, allowing manipulation such as wiping away the floating gelatin or moving it around. Oxidation may also occur at this stage, allowing color shifts. The color can be controlled by redeveloping the print in various exhausted print and film developers and placing the print in a stop bath when the desired color is achieved. Once the print dries, the manipulation is permanent.

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