Future Intercept Series

Future Intercept transverses through time, rejecting western exotic, white gaze, stereotypes of Native people in America as a way to re-imagine the future of Indigenous and Native communities. Through the exploration of Futurism, we are presented with a narrative that looks back on a distraught past to reconstruct and foretell an impending future. By bending and folding the past and future as it collides, Apache artist Douglas Miles’ photo exhibition speaks on lineage and legacy within a community whose roots are deeply embedded across the Americas.


By appropriating online early images of Native Americans and juxtaposing them with his own contemporary photographs of his community, Douglas brings us from the past to the present day in a two dimensional image but creating a three dimensional reality. The contrast of his sharp contemporary imagery made with his hand-held smart phone, alongside often pixelated images found online of early Native American portraits, the viewer is transported through time both viscerally and literally.


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