The Disassemble Series

My work seeks new meanings in portraiture, a new purpose. As a fourth-generation member of a family of portrait photographers, I celebrate my historic relationship with photography, but at the same time I’m finding my own voice, my own creative practice, by deconstructing images. After more than 30 years as a portrait photographer, my work captures an energy and internal consciousness influenced by the diverse cultural heritages from across Mexico. I also embed into portraits physical elements that have been used in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times, together with objects from Mexican daily life. This embedded tactile dimension invites the viewer to study these images to understand that person’s heritage and life. Within these images are the captured moments of vulnerability, sadness, solitude or despair, among other states of mind. Portraiture, for me, preserves evidence of the past and defines how our age will be represented in the future. These sculpted portraits are one way that I carry our past forward. – Lou Peralta

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