Chloroform series

This series uses the human figure as the protagonist addressing the symbiotic relationship of people’s relationship to the environment. The protagonists in the images imply a character that is human-like, but almost alien, making the viewer question the time and place these subjects reside – allowing a sometimes serene and sometimes uncomfortable sense of surreal juxtaposition between land, animal, and human.

Our style has evolved from working in print making, painting, photography and the conviction that the negative itself is sacred. We now try to avoid the preciousness usually associated with the production and presentation of photography. There’s no “white glove” approach. To that end, we begin with the destruction of the negative. We wax, stain with blood, crush and tear the final print. We also print the images at large sizes, again negating their preciousness. There are editions to each piece, but in order to maintain an organic feel, no two are exactly alike in size or color. The prints are made on Japanese handmade paper in order to mimic the color and texture of the creatures as well as give an extra sense of the artists’ hand… -Louviere+Vanessa

This series begins with an archival pigment ink print on Japanese paper, then the print is varnished, toned, stained with various mediums including the artists own blood, then finished in an oil varnish.

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