Counterfeit series

These images are exaggerated photographs of world currency that distill the value that countries place on their histories and culture. We find the secular canonization of politicians, a reverence of animals, and the celebration of artists and poets. It fascinates us to see the similarities shared by countries that are culturally and politically polar when they choose to filter their histories onto a few square inches of paper.

Counterfeit explores intersections between realism in photography with the expressionistic aspects of painting and the abstractionist possibilities inherent in both. We are inspired by [Robert] Rauschenberg’s idea of “working within the gap between life and art”. We explore the tension between photography and painting, realism, and abstraction. -Louviere+Vanessa

This series includes archival pigment ink prints on thin rice paper overlaid onto gold and/or silver leaf, then finished in resin and completed with the artists’ handmade frames.

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