Heretic series

Our work for the past 15 years has used photography as the primary medium and the door to the experiments we’ve undergone. With Heretic we are using photography as an ingredient in a surrealistic based genetic recombination. We have used a glut of materials throughout our work. These elements… blood, wax, resin, gold, charcoal, have been integral as the underpinning of idea and underscoring of the photograph. The materials now are used as a statement rather than a substrate.

Our characters in Heretic are still Southern Gothic by nature and now in form: blurry, damaged, delusional but with a thread of dark humor. These subjects and materials are at times irrational, supernatural, transgressive and impulsive. Heretic is not so much about telling a story as it is an exploration of image and marks being made by an unreliable narrator. We are using beauty as rebellion and creating a space for the viewer between anarchy and form.


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