We're Wolves series

Its universal history has helped religions control, cultures survive, myths guide us and people understand their place in nature for centuries.

But, there exists a more personal narrative. The Louviere family has a bit of a history in 17th century France. One in which we discovered includes an entry in the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology. There was a trial, a burning, and a family crest with a black wolf on a field of silver that reads Lupus de Fabula–which in modern parlance is speak of the devil…

We made these works as a combination of our love of art and animals. Vanessa and I have spent the last 16 years being raised by wolves. It grounds us in what is really important in this world.

It is amazing that in the history of mankind the wolf/man relationship is the only one of its kind to exist. And making these images—as absurd, romantic or scary as they may be — signifies a more human condition by contrast.

Most of the images are printed on mirrors and encased in resin–a logical symbol of reflection and projections of our time with animals. Some images are also printed on glass with a silver leaf or silver paint base–another symbol playing out between creation and destruction. They are intimate in scale and scope. And like a good fable, a dream or a photograph, we get to experience the things that don’t exist.

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