Fusions series

Hybrid Multiple Exposure Prints
These photo based/mixed media archival prints fuse the vast array of art historically significant paintings and sculpture that serve as a point of departure for my work with my paintings in their various states. They are conceived employing a multiple exposure technique that utilizes the random extraction, diffusion and merging of images within the camera. These captures then undergo extensive manipulation and layering in the computer. The final images are printed on Canson Infinity Platine Fiber Rag paper, providing a luxurious satin finish and surface for additional work using oil paint combined with an alkyd resin medium. This “after-painting” renders each image in the edition somewhat unique.
The Fusions culminate in resonant echoes of the past, dissolving, integrating and converging with my paintings. They are disruptive narratives that speak of a transformed and altered world, a shifting paradigm suffused in an illuminated optimism.
The archival pigment prints are produced at Rush Creek Editions in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Canson Infinity Platine Fiber Rag paper at 30 x 30 inches (image size) / 36 x 36 inches (paper size unframed) in an edition of 10 prints. Each print is further worked by the artist after printing, and framing is also available.

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