Still Beauty is a three-person photographic exhibition representing the beauty found within the cold, quiet, short days of winter. The exhibition includes two gallery artists, California-based Brigitte Carnochan and New Jersey-based Michael Massaia, as well as guest artist Jim Bailey, from New Mexico.

Brigitte Carnochan’s series Still Beauty, from which the show derives its title, includes luminous color still lifes that she creates from plants she grows in her garden. Michael Massaia captures the images for his large format gelatin silver prints during quiet hours of the night in Central Park, New York City. In his printing, he adds subtle color through meticulous use of special darkroom toning techniques. Jim Bailey combines the extremes of climbing and ski mountaineering in Norway, USA, and France with photographic artistry, contrasting human interaction with other-worldly landscapes.

The opening reception takes place on Friday, January 27, 2023 and the show continues through April 1, 2023.

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