In honor of our initial Obscura Gallery launch in February 2017, we invited our audience to enjoy special website Featured Print specials throughout the duration of our renovation on our new building. These specials were only available until December 2017 when they expired and are now no longer available.

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Our twelfth special edition of Featured Prints showcases two new works by Obscura Gallery Artist Aline Smithson.  Both prints are debuted from the artist’s brand new series, The Fugue State. The print options below include a special price, a complementary trade edition of Smithson’s book Self & Others, and complementary shipping.

ALINE SMITHSON, Cory, 2017, 14×11″, archival pigment ink print from scanned negative, edition of 10

I’ve been thinking a lot about photographic legacies. As an analog photographer, I have watched my practice diminished and altered by the loss of materials and methodologies. At the same time, I observe that my children, while creating thousands of images, will most likely have no tangible imagery to pass down to future generations. Over the years I have collected and created hundred of portraits, some acquired are almost a century old and it’s made me consider the formal portrait in the midst of the shifting sands of photography, the loss of the portrait photographer as a profession, and the loss of photograph as object.

ALINE SMITHSON, Lisa, 2017, 14 x 11″, archival pigment ink print from scanned negative, edition of 10

My project, The Fugue State, speaks to loss, to the fading away of specific memories and identity, as the work speaks to an in-between space of the future and the past. It speaks to chemicals and fingerprints and destruction. For this series, I have bleached my negatives, wounding the film stock in various ways and then reinterpreting them in the digital darkroom. I am looking for the beauty of impermanence.


ALINE SMITHSON, Book title ‘Self & Others’, Trade edition

Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography is an almost 20 year culmination of portrait photographs captured by award-winning photographer Aline Smithson. Beginning with her early forays into black and white work, produced as darkroom silver gelatin prints, she photographed the world around her considering the poignancy of childhood and the pathos of aging and relationships. The book continues with her hand painted photographs featuring her defining series, Arrangement in Green and Black: Portrait of the Photographer’s Mother, where she combines humor and family to create a universal expression of motherhood. The book is completed by her color projects that revisit beauty, the essence of childhood, and an examination of created realities. Aline brings a background in painting and fashion to her images, but at the heart of her work is her ability to recognize the inner self of her subjects. The photographer considers all her portraits a reflection of herself and the stories she wants to tell, and in that way, she has created a visual language that is her own unique autobiography.

Either print purchase by  ALINE SMITHSON includes:

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Complementary Smithson trade edition of the book,
Self & Others.
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