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Pop-Up Exhibition During Center Santa Fe Photography Festival

Pop-Up Exhibition During The Center Santa Fe Photo Festival
Reception: Sunday, October 29, 1-4pm

In celebration of the Center – Review Santa Fe Photo Festival, we are pleased to have on display a group exhibition of our represented artists with an opening reception on Sunday, October 29, 2017 from 1-4pm.

The exhibition includes work by Obscura Gallery artists:

William Albert Allard
Susan Burnstine
Angie Brockey
Debbie Fleming Caffery
Brigitte Carnochan
Manuel Carrillo
Cy DeCosse
Neil Folberg
Coco Fronsac
Louviere + Vanessa
Kurt Markus
Norman Mauskopf
Beth Moon
Caitlyn Soldan
Aline Smithson
Keith Taylor
Curtis Wehrfritz
Krzysztof Wladyka

RSVP recommended: Please call 505-577-6708 or email info@obscuragallery.net for more information on the location, or to schedule an appointment outside of the opening reception hours.

**Please note this exhibition is being held as a pop-up exhibition at a location other than our primary location which is being renovated.

Installation image from pop-up exhibition. From left to right: Keith Taylor, Krzysztof Wladyka, Cy DeCosse, Beth Moon.

Left: Caitlyn Soldan; Right: Aline Smithson


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