PAUL CAPONIGRO – Visual Memories and Hidden Places


Book Details

• Facsimile Edition of the Fine Press Edition
• Published by Veritas Editions
• Essay by Paul Caponigro
• Introduction by Michael K. Komanecky
• 12.5 x 16 inches
• Edition of 500
• 48 pages plus a separate 8-page folio
• 18 tritone images

[Excerpt from book]

Reflecting Stream, Redding, CT, 1968

This image is the epitome of what drew me to photography, and to Paul Caponigro’s work, both at a young-adult age years ago. This image carries all the qualities a perfect photograph should have – the capturing of light in just the right way, which makes the subject glow; an optical genius that makes viewers feel as though they are looking at two images within one, creating a surreal illusion; and the print itself is perfection – as Paul provides just enough detail in the highlights and the shadows that you can still see what is just barely there – a print of gorgeous tonal quality.

– Jennifer Schlesinger