Invisible World series

Our visual familiarity is limited to the colors of visible light. Beyond what our eyes can see is the iridescent world of the infrared (IR) spectrum. Twenty-four years ago, I began exploring the challenge of making the invisible visible: photographing remote places using the unusual, haunting light of infrared. My images explore my favorite subjects of tribal culture and less frequented lands but served up in unseen light.

I first used Kodak Ektachrome Infrared 200 transparency film in 1997; it had wacky colors and deep contrast and was ubër sensitive to light. If I opened its cannister without proper precautions, the film was ruined. I started working with digital cameras in 1991, but I didn’t go 100% digital until 2004. I converted my first digital camera to 720nm Infrared, not too much false color and not too close to traditional black-and-white. The result was a surreal image with a bit of color, usually shades of blues with occasional magenta, and tan/amber skies. Now I’m primarily working in 590nm infrared light that incorporates even more colors.

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