Animaly series

A visit to the Wroclaw, Poland, zoo is the inspiration for the series Animalies. These digitally produced images, excellently composed, juxtapose zoo creatures with strange symbols and props. Krzysztof is a social and political critic. Wladyka’s Animaly might even be viewed as the art of protest. He opines:

“In these days (when the money is more important than the soul’s needs) everybody can identify with the characters from my photos. They might create a moment of reflection and a simple question about the essence of our lives and basic values.”

In response to the question “What is the secret to a good picture?” Krzysztof answers:

“In its simplicity … the emotions it evokes. I confess that photography is not related to seeing, but with feeling. If you do not feel anything in that which you are seeing, you’ll fail to make people look at your pictures…. ”

He continues,

“The secret to a good picture is look, look, think, feel….”

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