ALFRED STIEGLITZ. Wet Day on the Boulevard – Paris, 1897

6 x 11.25″ Image Size
13 7/8 x 16.25″ Paper Size

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Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946). Photogravure from the portfolio Picturesque Bits of New York and Other Studies. 1897.

Alfred Stieglitz has been celebrated as one of the greatest practitioners of the photogravure process. From the mid-1890s to the mid-1910s, Stieglitz printed large editions of photogravures of photographs – his own work and that of other photographers – most of which he included in his periodicals Camera Notes, Camera Work, and 291. Photogravure was also the process used in Stieglitz’s 1897 portfolio Picturesque Bits of New York and Other Studies, from which this photograph, Wet Day on the Boulevard (Paris), 1897 is included in Obscura Gallery’s The Photogravure exhibition. This 1897 portfolio, printed in an edition of 25 by Robert Howard Russell, included twelve photogravures on plate paper, using different ink colors. In addition to supervising the printing of each image, Stieglitz himself made the steel engravings from the diapositives (positives made from negatives).