Book Presentation by Photographer, Author, and Activist Michael Berman

Sunday February 23rd, 3pm

The Lannan Foundation
Lannan Meeting House
313 Read St, Santa Fe, NM

cover of Michael Berman's new book, Perdido, sierra san luis

Obscura Gallery photographer, author, and activist Michael Berman will speak about his recently released book Perdido, published by the Museum of New Mexico Press. Michael will be joined by co-thinker, rancher, and environmentalist Valer Clark.

MICHAEL BERMAN, Perdido, Cross, 2015, two sizes available

Michael Berman’s new book, Perdido: Sierra San Luis, is a journey in photographs and stories about a complicated landscape on both sides of the Mexico-U.S. border, where the natural world has been compromised and where survival depends on a complexity of relationships. The event takes place at The Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe, address above. If you are interested in viewing prints from this book, please stop by Obscura Gallery to view Michael’s portfolio.

MICHAEL BERMAN, Perdido, dripping water, 2015, three sizes available