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Feature article on Lou Peralta: Deconstructed Portraits in the Pasatiempo

cover article in the Pasatiempo on Lou Peralta

Lou Peralta has been a portrait photographer for most of her life, first in the Mexico City studio her great-grandfather founded in 1910, then, only five years ago, as a fine arts photographer investigating the form — all in service of her search for the true meaning of a portrait and the Mexican identity.

“I have seen many artists do various types of weaving of photographs, or deconstruct photographs,” says Jennifer Schlesinger, owner/director of Obscura Gallery, which hosts the photographer’s first Santa Fe show, “but Lou’s work stood out to me in that she was using her own cultural community as models and focusing on the person themselves to dig deeper into their cultural Mexican heritage.”

On the cover, Lou Peralta, Disassemble #48 (2020), 23 x 22″, archival pigment print with cinnamon and wood strips, edition of 8

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