Gallery Reception:
Saturday, August 10, 5-7pm

MANUELLO PAGANELLI, Ecuadorian Couple, 2000, 21x21”, edition of 40 MANUELLO PAGANELLI, Ecuadorian Couple, 2000, 21×21”, edition of 40

For the month of August, we will be exhibiting a selection of our new gallery artist, Manuello Paganelli, and other newly acquired material during the Indian Markets taking place throughout Santa Fe. August brings antique and contemporary Indian Markets to our city and the town is bustling with exciting activities and exhibitions.

Paganelli’s photographs on exhibit this August are a selection from his new project photographing indigenous people across the Americas.

EDWARD CURTIS, A Hopi Girl, 1905, Photogravure on Holland van Gelder from Portfolio 12 EDWARD CURTIS, A Hopi Girl, 1905, Photogravure on Holland van Gelder from Portfolio 12

this is the exhibition invitation that includes dates and images by Niki Boon

Niki Boon, Jump, Summer, 2015, boy jumping over sprinkler Niki Boon, Jump, Summer, 2015

Obscura Gallery proudly presents our Summer exhibition with New Zealand photographer Niki Boon and her first solo exhibition in the United States debuting photographs which document her family’s rural, home-schooled life in Marlborough, New Zealand. While our U.S. Summertime is New Zealand’s Wintertime, we can bask in the imagery that Boon has taken during the warm months in New Zealand while the children pursue an alternative education and lifestyle in a natural environment on top of the East coast of the South island of New Zealand.

Niki Boon, Her Backyard, 2016, girl looking out onto new zealand landscape Niki Boon, Her Backyard, 2016

Boon’s photographic work was born from her intense desire to document her family’s lifestyle that the country environment has nurtured. A mother of four, Niki shares her family’s rural life with camera wizardry that utilizes motion, incredible perspective, and depth of field, as well as a style that bears influence from those of Jock Sturges and Sally Mann but exudes her own distinction using a wide-angle, sometimes close-up lens and ground-perspective imagery. Boon refers to her work as “turning your beautiful ordinary into art.” Drawn to black and white photography, Boon expertly controls the natural lighting of her environment, making use of shadows and the position of the sun to frame her children in whatever play they are found in that day.

Niki Boon, The Bath, 2016, image of kids legs hanging out of bathtub Niki Boon, The Bath, 2016

Black and white enables me to see light differently. Rather than focusing on colors, I find I focus more on the direction and quality of light. I just find the interaction between light and shadow more interesting to focus on than color relationships.

Niki Boon, Iceblock, 2015, image of boy in foreground eating icepop and kids in background Niki Boon, Ice Block, 2015

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Obscura Gallery presents Traversing East, an exhibition with Michael Berman and Neil Folberg, two contemporary photographers who both come from, participate in, and extend the tradition of Western landscape photography. Both artists now immerse themselves in Eastern landscapes to discover the unseen, and explore humanity’s relationship to nature both physically and spiritually. New Mexican Michael Berman’s ongoing project exposes the Mongolian Bogd Kahn Mountain landscape in its range of complex and diverse ecosystems. For the past three years, Michael has been photographing in the oldest government designated Protected Natural Area on Earth and has been detailing what is occurring to the landscape and wildlife amidst the ever-expanding surrounding community of Ulaanbaatar. American-Israeli photographer, Neil Folberg, who was originally born in California and moved to Jerusalem over 40 years ago, creates photographs which explore the relationship between man, nature, and the cosmos. The lucid landscapes of the Middle East share the range of topography found within the nearly untouched, serene terrain. The exhibition also includes his most recent series’, Taking Measure, and White Winds, where the artist includes himself in vast, pure landscapes of the Faroe Islands and Iceland in which he considers the ultimate limits of knowledge and vision.


Click here to view Michael Berman’s work in the exhibition.

Click here to view Neil Folberg’s work in the exhibition.

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Obscura Gallery presents the solo exhibition, Retro-Active, with the New Orleans prolific duo Louviere+Vanessa, including past and current work from their various series over the last 15 years. Louviere+Vanessa’s style exudes a Southern Gothic pairing of transgression and beauty through mystery, dark humor, and the supernatural, often involving the figurative use of protagonists such as humans and animals alluding to literature and philosophy. The artists effectively combine the mediums and nuances of film, photography, painting,  printmaking, and even music, resulting in mixed media works that use gold and silver leaf, resin, varnish, wax, charcoal, various other mediums, as well as ways of recording the visual through sound, and finishing many of the pieces with handmade frames.


Obscura Gallery presents our first in an ongoing exhibition series of The Artist as Collector, debuting the series with the photographic collection and personal works of the late Santa Fean, Paige Pinnell. Pinnell, who passed away in 2017, embodied the passion for photography by being a photography dealer, artist, educator, and collector. Paige’s deep knowledge of and connection to photography on a national level had influence on many in the local Santa Fe community in the 1960-70’s and was integral to what would become the development of the photography market in Santa Fe at that time. Obscura Gallery is honored to present this exhibition of works for sale to pay tribute to Pinnell’s photographic legacy.

The exhibition includes works by:
Paul Caponigro
Edward Curtis
LA Huffman
William Henry Jackson
Eadward Muybridge
Anne Noggle
Paige Pinnell
Douglas Prince
Henry Holmes Smith
George Tice
Jerry Uelsmann
Todd Walker
Todd Webb
Edward Weston
Ben Wittick
Myron Wood

Click here to view the images in the exhibition.


Obscura Gallery proudly presents a three-person photographic exhibition, Views of Stillness, with Michael Massaia, Yamamoto Masao, and Kate Joyce. The exhibition features three photographers who each portray a sense of balance and harmony in their work that results in tranquility to their imagery. Michael Massaia and Yamamoto Masao both search for scenes absent of crowds which creates a solitary intimacy and reflection within their imagery. Michael Massaia, from New Jersey, seeks the dichotomy of landscapes in urban areas that are void of people within the quiet hours of late night and early morning. Yamamoto Masao from Japan, practices the art of “Shizuka” or “breathing quietly in nature,” in order to capture the ‘presence of treasures’ that he seeks with his camera. Santa Fean Kate Joyce’s work, ‘Ten-Diptychs’ was inspired by the digital loss of a photographic series that, when once restored, formed accidental imagery that allowed her to overcome and pacify her expectations, resulting in a harmonious balance of self and image.

The exhibition opens with a reception on Friday, November 16, 2018 from 5-7pm at Obscura Gallery, 1405 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The exhibition is on view through January 5, 2019.


YAMAMOTO MASAO, #67, A box of Ku, 1997, mixed media and gelatin silver print, edition of 40


MICHAEL MASSAIA, Central Park, Private Gardens, 2013, 22×28″, gelatin silver print, edition of 20


KATE JOYCE, Right Thumb & T5594x3678-02064.tif, 2007, 5 X 6.75″, archival pigment ink print, Unique.


Entrance Gallery with Michael Massaia Central Park large format gelatin prints.

Front Gallery with Kate Joyce and Masao Yamamoto

Center Gallery with Michael Massaia and Kate Joyce

Viewing gallery with Michael Massaia and Yamamoto Masao.

Side gallery with Michael Massaia.

This solo exhibition includes over 50 exquisite gelatin silver prints hand printed by the artist. The exhibition is a fifteen year photographic study not only of Monument Valley itself but it also demonstrates the artist’s unique eye for patience in the art of seeing.

KURT MARKUS, Monument Valley, 2011, 20×25″, archival pigment ink print, edition of 25.

Monument Valley is located at the four corners region spanning Utah and Arizona on the Navajo Nation Reservation.  Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii, the Navajo name for Monument Valley meaning ‘clearing among the rock’, spans five square miles with fragile pinnacles of rock of sandstone that tower up to 1,000 feet. For hundreds of years, the Navajo have raised livestock and farmed small quantities of crops in the valley. Not just a place of habitation and livelihood, Monument Valley has significant meaning to the many Navajo who took refuge in the valley when forced out of Canyon De Chelly by the U.S. Army during the “Long Walk.”  An 1868 treaty allowed their return to their ancestral homeland and established the Navajo Reservation. Other parts of Monument Valley have been added to the Navajo Reservation over time. Monument Valley became popular with Hollywood when John Ford’s first of many movies, Stagecoach, was shot there in 1938, starring John Wayne, and making him a star, as well as putting Westerns in a respected film genre.

Monument Valley is the one place that will always be there for me. No matter the comings and goings of the world’s players, Monument Valley persists, in its own and uniquely quirkiness, delighting me, renewing me, challenging me, simply carving out pieces of my heart, for safe keeping. Thank you, Navajo Nation, for making Monument Valley what it is, without pretense or visible intent to modernize your sacred land. May that Wild West rocky road that drops down into the valley serve as the gateway to something more spiritual, a descent into another time.
– Kurt Markus, 2017


Download the Kurt Markus – Obscura Gallery Press Release here.

August in Santa Fe

Opening Reception: August 11, 2018, 4-7pm

Please join us Saturday, August 11, 4-7pm as we celebrate the Indian Market festivities taking place the entire month of August in Santa Fe. Obscura Gallery will have a selection of 19th-21st Century photographs of the Southwest on display alongside the Brant Mackley Gallery exhibition ‘Animals in Native American Art’ at our gallery.

EDWARD CURTIS, Girl and Jar, San Ildefonso, NM, 1905, 15.5 x 11.5″, Photogravure on Holland Van Gelder paper from Portfolio 17. Plate 590.


Inaugural Exhibition

Susan Burnstine, Brigitte Carnochan, Coco Fronsac, Aline Smithson, Joyce Tenneson

Opening Reception: July 14, 2018, 4-7pm

Exhibition is on view through August 3, 2018

Obscura Gallery is thrilled to present our inaugural photographic exhibition this Summer in our newly renovated gallery space at 1405 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico. LIMELIGHT, celebrates five pioneering contemporary female artists each debuting brand new work or work never before exhibited in New Mexico. Included in the exhibition are Susan Burnstine, Brigitte Carnochan, Coco Fronsac, Aline Smithson, and Joyce Tenneson.

The exhibition is inspired by and celebrates the late New York Greenwich Village pioneering gallerist Helen Gee and her gallery, Limelight, started in 1954. Gee’s gallery was the first successful and enduring exhibition space devoted exclusively to selling photography during the post Second World War era in New York. Gee’s memoir, Helen Gee: Limelight, a Greenwich Village Photography Gallery and Coffeehouse in the Fifties, was recently published by Aperture as an e-book and was originally published by University of New Mexico Press in 1997.


SUSAN BURNSTINE, Crossing West, 2018, 16×16”, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.

We are debuting never-before exhibited, new, color work entitled Where Shadows Cease, by Southern California artist, Susan Burnstine. Burnstine portrays her dream-like visions entirely in-camera, rather than with post-processing manipulations, by creating her own hand-made cameras and lenses that are frequently unpredictable and technically challenging. In the past Burnstine has portrayed her visions through the monochromatic lens of black and white, and this new work, incorporating color, brings a new sense of reality to her dreamlike visions.

BRIGITTE CARNOCHAN, Sunday Morning Roses, 2013, 16 x 20”, platinum palladium, edition of 10.

Northern California artist Brigitte Carnochan is exhibiting still lifes from her garden in the platinum palladium process, imbuing a sensuality to the still life as she does so in her nudes and botanicals. Prolific in every series she produces, Carnochan’s work is always elegant, alluding to the poetic and inspired by literature.

COCO FRONSAC, Dionaea Muscipulae et le ruban jaune, 2016, mixed media on vintage photograph, 5.5×4”, edition of 1.

Obscura is proud to introduce Coco Fronsac to the United States photography circuit for the first time with this exhibition. Fronsac is well known in her home-city of Paris, France for her unique one-of-a-kind pieces in which she draws and paints on 19th century vernacular photographs. With this medium, she creates a surreal world inspired by her collection of tribal masks from mostly the Western indigenous world.

ALINE SMITHSON, Geisha, 2017, 15.5 x 13.5”, archival pigment ink print, edition of 15.

We are debuting new work by Southern California artist, Aline Smithson. Smithson exhibits a selection from her new project, The Fugue State, which speaks to the fading away of specific memories and identity – as the work serves as an in-between of the future and the past. The images are created from bleached negatives, winding the film stock in various ways, and then reinterpreting them in the digital darkroom, resulting in vivid color portraits and patterns.

JOYCE TENNESON, Apple Tree, 11.5 x 17”, archival pigment ink print mounted to aluminum, edition of 20.

Obscura will also be exhibiting golden landscape images by Maine artist Joyce Tenneson. The Alchemy of Light series began in 2012 as a series in mixed media with gold leaf and result now in digital prints from the originals. The exhibition includes quiet, mood-evoking photographs of trees in her similar style and portrayal of ethereal, mystical portraiture in which she is so known for.

Susan Burnstine and Brigitte Carnochan will both be present at the opening reception.

This exhibition is presented as part of PhotoSummer. PhotoSummer 2018 is organized by CENTER, Axle Contemporary, and American Society of Media Photographers in Santa Fe. Showcasing the work of a diverse group of established and emerging artists whose work is strong in concept and in execution, this collaborative effort highlights New Mexico as a place where excellent photographic work is produced, taught, and exhibited, as well as where people from near and far gather around photography.

Grand Opening

Brant Mackley Gallery and Obscura Gallery Hold Joint Grand Opening
at Newly Renovated Gallery Space in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Grand Opening Reception: Friday, June 22, 2018, 4-7pm

Obscura Gallery and Brant Mackley Gallery are proud to announce a joint Grand Opening Reception of their newly renovated shared gallery space at 1405 Paseo de Peralta in Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 22, 2018. Located in the Santa Fe downtown historic district two blocks east of the revitalized Railyard district in a renovated historic building, the two business entities will co-occupy the 3,000 square-foot location. Obscura Gallery represents fine art photography with a special interest in contemporary approaches to the medium and vintage 19th-20th Century works. Brant Mackley Gallery specializes in exceptional antique North America Indian, Oceanic, Asian, and African art. The Grande Opening Exhibition will include a curated selection of each Gallery’s inventory.

The historically renovated building space shared by both galleries was built in 1932, and was home to the community grocery store called the Ortiz Food Store in the 1940’s. The second story addition of the building hosted the Mayor’s office during the Frank Ortiz mayoral term 1948-1952 while the grocery store continued below.  The building also housed the Madayln photo studio in the 1970’s and most recently the Gold Leaf Framemakers in the 1990’s. Today the building was renovated as a commercial/residential occupancy and includes all new electric, plumbing, heating, and interior redesign while still keeping with the tradition of the adobe elements and historical qualities of the region.

Download the full Press Release PDF here:
Obscura Gallery_BMG Press Release



Pop-Up Exhibition During The Center Santa Fe Photo Festival
Reception: Sunday, October 29, 1-4pm

In celebration of the Center – Review Santa Fe Photo Festival, we are pleased to have on display a group exhibition of our represented artists with an opening reception on Sunday, October 29, 2017 from 1-4pm.

The exhibition includes work by Obscura Gallery artists:

William Albert Allard
Susan Burnstine
Angie Brockey
Debbie Fleming Caffery
Brigitte Carnochan
Manuel Carrillo
Cy DeCosse
Neil Folberg
Coco Fronsac
Louviere + Vanessa
Kurt Markus
Norman Mauskopf
Beth Moon
Caitlyn Soldan
Aline Smithson
Keith Taylor
Curtis Wehrfritz
Krzysztof Wladyka

RSVP recommended: Please call 505-577-6708 or email for more information on the location, or to schedule an appointment outside of the opening reception hours.

**Please note this exhibition is being held as a pop-up exhibition at a location other than our primary location which is being renovated.

Installation image from pop-up exhibition. From left to right: Keith Taylor, Krzysztof Wladyka, Cy DeCosse, Beth Moon

Left: Caitlyn Soldan ; Right: Aline Smithson